Upload image to cloudinary

Easy way to upload images to cloudinary using Node.JS Cloudinary SDK

Upload image to cloudinary

Cloudinary is fantastic for image uploads. It supports on the fly transforms, image optimizations. If you want to upload images to cloudinary using their SDK, you can use the follwoing snippet to do so!

import { v2 as cloudinary, UploadApiResponse } from 'cloudinary'; cloudinary.config({ cloud_name: 'your_cloud_name', api_key: 'your_very_secret_key', api_secret: 'your_secret' }); export async function upload(file): Promise<UploadApiResponse> { const newFile = await file; return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { const uploadStream = cloudinary.uploader.upload_stream( { folder: config.cloudinary.folder }, (err, img) => { if (img) { resolve(img); } else { reject(err); } } ); newFile.createReadStream().pipe(uploadStream); }); }

Woo! A lot going on right there. So this function returns a promise that resolves to UploadApiResponse after successful upload. This response has one thing that we need which is the image URL! This image URL is something you can save in your database.


You can now upload file like this

const response = await upload(media);

The response object will have a URL of the image we just uploaded!